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C.R.I.T. was originally created as a modern game setting for a group of Dungeons and Dragons players, but after the first sessions it was clear that CRIT was meant to be more than just a story shared at the table. The energy, emotion and pure comedic nature of the campaign called for something more, so Christopher Michael, the Game Master, the began drawing the sessions which eventually turned into our comic. Every outcome and interaction occurs at the table allowing for natural flowing dialog that conveys the personalities, friendship, and connections that the characters share.

Although C.R.I.T. does not take place in a traditional fantasy setting like most Dungeons and Dragons campaigns it still contains all the perils, contradictions, and surprises that one would expect. The party does not always encounter enemies that they can defeat, and sometimes the dice do not roll in their favor. C.R.I.T.'s story telling approach is unique as the story adapts to the actions of the players as player choice always determines how the story will go, causing their adventures to twist and turn unexpectedly.