Obie grew up tinkering with every device he could find and took it upon himself to learn as much about technology as he could. Even as a child he displayed an uncanny affinity for science that was nothing short of genius. When Technetic offered him a position leading his own research and development team he jumped at it. After being exposed to ethereal energy his intellect evolved allowing him to take over as the team’s resident tech specialist.

At Technetic he began specializing in various experimental fields ranging towards computer programming, handheld weaponry, genetics, temporal physics, and interdimensional travel. He is slightly obsessed with learning the root of his team's powers, and why they are the only known people with these abilities. This obsession makes him paranoid about Technetic's agenda, and anyone outside of his team.

Lacking physical powers, and combat training, he offers support to the team by modifying their weapons and armor as well as maintaining the CRIT van (which requires a lot of maintenance due to Caliber constantly crashing it.) He also created their long range closed communication devices.



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