"I think we can do without the soundtrack" -- Rictor

"Don't take this little piece of joy from me." -- Caliber


Unusual Suspects[]

Featured Characters:[]

Supporting Characters:[]

  • Rictor
  • Detective Montegue


Other Characters:[]

  • Blinky (First Appearance)


  • New Orleans
    • Technetic
    • Abandoned Alchem-X warehouse
    • The Frap Shack


C.R.I.T. tracks down the mysterious man that hired Profiteer and his goons to hijack the Technetic trucks to an abandoned warehouse owned by Alchem-X. While investigating the building they split up and encounter random thugs, an armed guard, and a teleporting dog named Blinky.

Once the team reconnects they find labs that have been recently used and come face to face with the Masters Of Mayhem who they proceed to enter into combat with. During the fight Reach uses his powers to cause Seige to self destruct causing the team to flee, leaving the Masters of Mayhem to be caught in the blast.

While giving the situation report to Rictor Reach leaves and meets with Detective Montegue at the Frap Shack to give him information he retrieved while exploring the warehouse.


  • Crowdfunded on Indiegogo at 300% to goal.
  • Released with 2 separate covers that create one large print when connected.


  • Blinky the teleporting dog was a fan submission that won the "Create your own villain" contest for this issue.