"People love explosions. Look at the movies that keep coming out. You don't even need a plot these days. " -- Caliber

Vigilant Pursuit[]

Featured Characters:[]

Supporting Characters:[]


  • Profiteer (unnamed, First Appearance)



C.R.I.T. makes headlines after bringing down The Legion, but after being defeated by Sanguine, C.R.I.T. takes some downtime to recover. Shaw is intent on getting them back in the field and sends them out to find out who has been hijacking Technetic shipments.

The team devises a plan to lure the thieves out. The Thieves fall for the deception and are defeated easily by C.R.I.T. Bolder and Spectre erupt from the back of the truck as the thieves attempt to rob it while Caliber and Reach proceed to use the van to ram the thieves vehicles.

The leader of the thieves, Profiteer, is interrogated by Caliber and explains that he was hired by someone to rob Technetic technology shipments. He is not sure of who hired him but Reach is able to track the calls from Profiteer's phone. Bolder and Caliber go to the location the calls were made and find information leading back to Trasque and Alchem-X.


  • Crowdfunded on Kickstarter in September of 2020
  • The issue was re-released in February of 2021 with the release of issue 3


  • The first appearance of the Bolder Dash shoes