"So you decided the best course of action was to shoot him in the head?" -- Shaw

"Well that's generally how you kill people. " -- Caliber

Righteous Indignation[]

Featured Characters:[]

Supporting Characters:[]


  • The Legion Gang
  • Sanguine (First Appearance)

Other Characters:[]

  • Detective Montegue (First appearance)
  • Candice Coolridge (Unnamed Live Streamer)



CRIT is sent to investigate the base of The Legion, a gang that has been causing trouble in New Orleans. They meet with Shaw and Rictor prior to their adventure and gather some background info and then head out. Spectre meets Detective Montegue in the coffee shop that the Legion run their base out of and then heads into the base. Spectre gets into trouble before Bolder and Caliber can join in. They save him and continue their journey through the base eventually coming into conflict with Sanguine who defeats the team but before he kills them Semedi shows up and defeats Sanguine off panel. The issue ends with Caliber in the Technetic medical lab where Rictor and Dr Chatfield discuss why Caliber is not reacting to the serum that was created.


  • The issue was re-released in February of 2021 with the release of issue 3
  • Received "The Best Twist" award from Indie Comix Dispatch
  • Lettered by Terreyl Wilkins who plays Bolder


  • The girl in the coffee shop who is live streaming is Candice Coolridge who also appears in issue 6.