The man who would become the near indestructible giant known as Bones started out the furthest thing from it.  Ryan was born with a genetic condition that caused his bones to be especially brittle. This forced him to avoid contact sports and other activities that could risk causing a fracture.  Because of this he found his solace in video games and comic books where he could escape to a world where the heroism his heart truly longed for didn’t seem so distant.

Ryan was presented with a unique opportunity when Alchem-X opened clinical trials for a “secret” new wonder drug that could potentially aid those who suffered from various genetic conditions.  Ryan jumped at the chance and signed up immediately.  Little did he know that he and many others were truly signing up to be little more than Alchem-X’s lab rats for the effects of ethereal energy on humans and they would suffer various atrocities at the scientist’s hands.  Despite this Ryan was “one of the lucky ones” and not only did the ethereal energy cure his disorder, but it also utterly reversed it, turning his previously brittle bones to near unbreakable strength and causing a massive increase in height and muscle mass taking the 5’ 10” man to a staggering 7’ 1”.

Bones ethereal powers revolve around the generation of ethereal constructs that take the form of a shield and various melee weapons. He can also channel his power to heal the wounds and cause other supernatural effects such as manipulating time in his immediate vicinity.