Bolder's persona is colorful and full of dramatic flair. Although he takes being a superhero seriously, while in the public eye he sports a huge can-do attitude, and does his best to inspire others. He takes on the public "face" of C.R.I.T. in an attempt to make people comfortable with their position as protectors of the city and uses his popularity to promote his personal brand of shoes: The Bolder Dash.

Although he can be hot-headed at times, he remains extremely friendly and amicable while in the public eye. In combat, he is the first to take a nonviolent approach and tries to talk enemies down to avoid unnecessary violence. If that fails he reverts to his fists to end a conflict as he does not use weapons at all.

His ethereal abilities allow him to channel energy into his attacks to increase the damage his fists can cause. He also uses the energy to increase his movement speed, allowing him to navigate the battlefield how he sees fit. If the conflict is greater than expected he bolsters his energy into what he calls "Symbolism". This makes him even harder to hit, and even more powerful in combat. This ability is very taxing on him though, and causes him to become exhausted once the ability wears off.